The Low-Level Theologian

The Low-Level Theologian is a free weekly devotional emailed on Thursdays (that I’m calling “Thursday Theology”), sent to my subscribers. These will be raw and transparent devotionals that will serve real people with real, good, and biblical theology—with dollops of hot takes and vulnerability. 

What can you expect from this?

  • These will not be sales pitches about books or products. No doubt, when appropriate, I will use this medium to inform my readership about forthcoming publications of mine. But these will be minimal—and only when necessary. I promise.
  • These writings will come conveniently to your inbox upon publication. My “Thursday Theology” devotionals will be delivered to your email door as early as possible on Thursdays. These devotionals will be free to those who subscribe. I promise.
  • These writings will attempt to highlight some of the best resources, ideas, and thinking I am engaging and thinking about. We all need good theology. And I want to use my training, career, and life to help with that. Given the hunger I see in the church for good theology, it is my hope that this will serve that pressing need. I promise.
  • These writings will focus on the goodness of the Triune God—the Father, Son and Spirit. That is, they will not primarily focus on hot topics or divisive issues. Rather, they will offer truths and reflections that go beyond the cult of the moment. I promise.
  • Lastly, these writings will be mine. Whatever is published is from me—unless otherwise noted. In short, no one will ghost write for me. I promise.

The Low-Level Theologian by A.J. Swoboda

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