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Location: Portland, Oregon | USA


Blog Articles

A Sheep in Wolf Clothing

A Question for my Mainline Friends

Advent for Lepers

Anchored in Foolishness

Augustine on Good Friday

An Absurd Gospel: The Lost Art of Preaching Humbly

Awkard Holiness: The Endless Relevance of Greeting Times

Bereshit: Engaging Culture in a Whole New Way

Blood Relatives in a Drive-By Culture (Gen. 14v1-24)

Born Against: Thoughts on Christian Faith and Protest

Catching Grace

Child Mystics

Crash Course Daddyhood v.1

Crash Course Daddyhood v.2

Crash Course Daddyhood v. 3

Crucis of the Cross

Culture and Theology: Do They Learn From Each Other?

Dumpster Diving and the Silliness of Faith

Ensured Ignorance

False Entrances (Gen. 12:10-20)

Good Friday

Hypo-Critical: The Scandal of Living One Life

In Praise of Closed-Mindedness: The Alternative Perspectives in Scripture

Jesus in a Self-Selected World

Jesus and Wholeness: Our Endless Need for Chewbacca

Latchkey Kids (Matt. 16:19)

Left Behind: Discipleship and My Little Dinghy

Life Innovation

Looking for God's Will is God's Will

New Year with Karl Rahner

Interview with Ecclesia

Portland's Coffee Experience

Prayer with St. Benedict

Seminaries the Problem?

Sign-Seekers, Miracles, and Coffee-Based Testimony (Responding to Dr. McGrath)

The Good Doctor

The Love that Moves the Stars (and other thoughts on Visio Dei)

The Mess of Christianity

The Oddity of Cross Community (John 19:25-27)

Tom Waits and the Bad News of God

Trauma with Papa Abram (Gen. 12v1-9)

Why They Invented Tums


Doughnut Philosophy

Office Goes Historical

Guest Posts

Israel, Palestine, and Me (Tyler Braun)

Jesus, Tetris & Sleepoevers (Christopher Stites)


Chocolate Jesus (Tom Waits)

Okay Go Video

Shared Experience of Absurdity (Charlie Todd - TED)

Storytelling Changes, Not the Stories (Joe Sabia - TED)

Study of Virality


What Mondays Feel Like

God Nerdery

God Nerdery (12/12/11-12/14/11)

God Nerdery (1/15/12)

God Nerdery (1/25/12)

God Nerdery (2/26/12)

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Stuff I've Written

Messy: God Likes it That Way (Kregel)

-Tongues and Trees: Towards a Pentecostal Ecological Theology (Journal of Pentecostal Theology Supplement Series--Forthcoming)

-Hug the Corpse: Spirit, Power, and Promise in God's Mission (2013)

-On Heaven and on Earth: Introducing Christian Ecological Theology (2013)